Welcome to the Remuneration Tribunal of South Australia website.

The Remuneration Act was enacted in 1990 to establish an independent Tribunal which would determine the remuneration payable to members of the judiciary and the remuneration or part of the remuneration payable in respect of certain other offices.

The Tribunal consists of three members appointed by the Governor on the nomination of the Minister responsible for the Act. The Minister responsible for the Remuneration Act is currently the Premier. Other offices for which the Tribunal determines remuneration or allowances include:

  • Certain Statutory Office Holders;
  • Parliamentary Members;
  • His Excellency the Governor of South Australia; and
  • Local Government Members.

The Tribunal must sit at least once in each year for the purpose of determining, or reviewing previous determinations of, remuneration under the Act.

Before making a determination affecting remuneration the Tribunal must allow that person, or persons affected, a reasonable opportunity to make submissions to the Tribunal. The Minister responsible, personally or by counsel or other representative, may intervene for the purpose of introducing evidence or making submissions on any question relevant to public interest.

Determinations made by the Tribunal are binding and are not subject to appeal.

Determinations are available in alternative formats by contacting the Executive Officer.