South Australia Judiciary


  • 10 April 2018 - The Remuneration Tribunal has initiated the following 2018 reviews:
    • 2018 Review of Manager Family Violence List Allowance - Magistrates
    • 2018 Review of Salary for the Presidential Members of SACAT
    • 2018 Review of Salary Sacrifice Arrangements for Judicial Officers
  • Submissions are invited from affected parties with a closing date of 27 April 2018.


  • 9 May 2018 - Following an application by the Magistrates Association of South Australia, the Remuneration Tribunal has initiated a review of the remuneration of Magistrates.
  • Submissions are invited from affected parties with a closing date of 6 July 2018.


Scope of Determination

  • Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
  • Puisne Judges of the Supreme Court
  • President of the Industrial Court
  • Deputy Presidents of the Industrial Court
  • Senior District Court Judge
  • Other District Court Judges
  • Chief Magistrate
  • Deputy Chief Magistrate
  • Senior Magistrates
  • Magistrates
  • Other Magistrates
  • State Coroner
  • Deputy State Coroners
  • Full time Commissioners of the Planning Appeal Tribunal


Determination and Report 3 of 2001 Telephone rentals and calls Allowance
Determination 9 of 1999 Members of the Judiciary, Members of the Industrial Relations Commission, the State Coroner, Commissioners of the Environment, Resources & Development Court